10 Commandments of a Healthy Diet



1. Eat wholemeal bread every day.

2. Every day your menu should include fruits and vegetables.

3. Eat two handfuls of berries every day; they can be frozen.

4. Every day, eat pasta made from durum wheat, brown rice or potatoes – preferably baked.

5. Freshly squeezed juices should replace soda,  tea, juice or fruit drink.

6. Two times a week, eat fish and seafood.

7. Buy milk and milk products with a fat content of no more than 1.5%.

8. If possible, replace sausages with natural meat; Frankfurters and sausages are evil.

9. If you want sweets, choose foods that are low in fat, such as jellies or marshmallows.

10. Over lunch divide your plate into 4 virtual parts: One part is for a protein food (meat, fish), the second is pasta, rice, grains or potatoes, –and the last two are vegetables (steamed, fresh salads, and so on).



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