10 Easy Makeup Tips for the Eyes to Accent Your Beauty



All women who wear makeup do so in order to improve their beauty, correct imperfections and feel more confident and sexy every day. Since the eyes are usually the focal point of a face, and the first thing people notice, eye makeup techniques have been developed in order to give the most lively and beautiful look possible. Basic mascara improves the look of your lashes by making them thicker and longer. Various tones of eye shadow can make your eyes look larger or a different shape. Eyeliner and pencils also give the illusion of a wider or larger eye. Read through the following tips to learn how to make the simple application of these three makeup types work for your face type. You can easily learn to accentuate your natural beauty.

1. Determine what shape your eyes are.

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2. Create eye primer at home.

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3. Learn what White eyeshadow can do for you.

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4. Make lashes thicker with powder before applying mascara.

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5. Use a blow dryer to heat the lash curler before using.

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6. Create sophistication with a double liner style.

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7. Separate lashes for a prettier look with a tweezer.

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8. Create an eyeshadow template Scotch tape.

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9. Learn the proper way to use false eyelashes.

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10. Keep your eyebrows neat all day with a touch of hairspray.

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