10 Things That Will Immediately Make You Happier When You’re At Home



1.    Make the bed. This is one of the key habits which, as weird as that sounds, can boost your mood!
2.    Clean up before leaving the house. Coming back to a neat place is sure to make you feel more relaxed and at ease.
3.    Get a few accents for the house. It doesn’t have to be a lot, simply add something that will either bring aesthetic pleasure or remind you of happy moments of your life.
4.    Start keeping a “happy diary”, and write down every small but happy moment of the day. You don’t have to write a lot, simply one line is enough.
5.    Remember, if you can’t get rid of something, turn into something that brings happiness into your life. You can’t avoid doing the dishes, but you can make it more enjoyable; just imagine soft water, bubbles, and get down to it.
6.    Before getting up in the morning, I set my goal for the day. It may be to work hard, say I love you to someone close, or find three positive moments in the day.
7.    Do a few nice things for your loved ones without expecting anything in return. Don’t forget your pets!
8.    Call one of your friends or relatives during the day. Texts don’t count! You can do this at home while doing chores or making dinner. We’re social creatures that thrive on communication and contact with others, and we all want to feel remembered and loved.
9.    Spend your money on stuff that helps create positive atmosphere at home. Be it a new grill for family barbecue, or new movies – anything that brings people together and helps enjoy your time as a family.
10.    Devote some of your time to something enlightening. Take a walk in a forest, enjoy some 17th century art, light up candles. Create a unique atmosphere in your home.

And always remember, you deserve to be happy!



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