14 Top Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know



Being a fashionable woman is not the simplest endeavor. Our love of shoes, clothing, pretty accessories and style can be a challenge. We like making our lives easier, except when it comes to men!

This page highlights some of the easiest clothing and lifestyle hacks that can help us build the perfect wardrobe with the type of style we desire, without complicating things. Learn how to tuck wide jeans into boots successfully, repair any bra quickly and easily and stretch uncomfortable shoes in the freezer. We will even show you how to maximize drawer space with a special shirt folding trick.

These tips offer solutions for many problems women can encounter while trying to look fashionable and beautiful every day. Even men can find some great ideas here!

1.    Ice is helpful when it comes to removing chewing gum from clothing.

removing chewing gum

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2.    Moleskin is used to repair old bras.

repair old bras

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3.    Tights under ripped jeans are in fashion.

 ripped jeans

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4.    Spraying hair spray on tights and leggings will prevent them from running.

hair spray on tights

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5.    Fold your lingerie into a bra to save space.

Fold your lingerie into a bra to save space

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6.    Fold your shirts and place them in the drawer vertically to save space.

Fold your shirts

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7.    Stretch your shoes by placing a Ziploc bag full of water inside of the front of them.

 Stretch your shoes

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8.    Repurpose your old sweaters by turning them into leg warmers.

Repurpose your old sweaters

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9.    Wear your belt a variety of ways as a fashion statement.


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10.    To avoid stretching the collar of your shirts put the hangers in from the bottom when hanging.

avoid stretching the collar

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11.    To make sure the crease stays in your pants, hang your pants on the hanger the same way you fold them when you are ironing them.

crease stays in your pants

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12.    Roll up non-skinny jeans, put them into a long sock, and put boots on to give off a skinny jean appearance.

non-skinny jeans

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13.    Buy your necklaces based on the type of necklines that you wear.


14.    Remove deodorant stains with baby wipes.

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These tips will help you get the most out of your clothes by insuring that they last longer so you can get your money’s worth out of them. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment in the comments section below.


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