14 Tricks To Help You Preserve Your Makeup Products



1. Lotions and gels that come in a jar are best applied using a specifically designed applicator rather than your fingers, especially when it comes to products containing natural ingredients. If you have to use your fingers, make sure to wash your hands before each use, and avoid contaminating it with other products.

2. Long-term use of the same lotion or treatment, especially those that contain liposomes or other biologically active compounds with direct action, can cause discomfort and even make your skin unhealthy. If the product isn’t expired, this is most likely a result of an overkill, when your skin is exposed to an excess amount of nurturing ingredients contained in the product. For example, if you used to use a lotion with liposomes, switch to more neutral ingredients, like baby lotion.

3. Make up brushes and sponges should be washed at least once a week, and then be left out in open air to dry.

4. If your mascara has gotten too dry, revitalize it by placing it in a glass filled with warm water.

5. Don’t throw away plastic and paper pads found in product containers, especially jars, as they prevent the product from getting contaminated with air, and therefore bacteria.

6. Your eye, lip, and brow pencils won’t fall apart when sharpened if you place them in the freezer 10 minutes before sharpening.

7. Apply Vaseline to the inside of your nail polish caps, and it will remain easy to remove and put back on for a long time.

8. In order to prevent wasting your money and letting products expire, don’t buy too many similar type products at the same time – it’s unlikely you’ll get to use them all up.

9. Don’t let anyone borrow or use your makeup – that leads to spreading infections and diseases, including herpes.

10. Don’t let your product jars sit open for too long – this will promote bacterial contamination and premature expiration.

11. If you soak a cotton ball in cold water before using it to apply lotion or toner to your skin, you will only use half the amount of the product you would normally.

12. Cotton balls, as well as cotton swabs, must be stored in an airtight container. This will prevent bacterial contamination and its further growth in your products and on your skin.

13. Always do a small patch test of any product you buy, especially makeup. Certain manufacturers put too many dyes in their products to increase their effectiveness. This can cause an allergic reaction, especially in the area around the eyes, which is very tender. In case of an allergic reaction to a product, take your allergy medication immediately.

14. If you accidentally spilled a liquid product, don’t ever try to put it back in its container, even the top layer. It will immediately contaminate, and when put back in can ruin the entire product.



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