18 Fashionable Types Of Bags Women Can Consider When Shopping For Their Next Purse or Handbag



Any woman who follows fashion should know what the name of a specific kind of bag is, especially if she’s looking for it in a store or talking with her friends about her newest procurement. Still, there are instances where it can be difficult to remember the name of every bag. Therefore, the list below is to assist women in knowing the various kinds available on the market:

Types Of Bags


1 – Backpack

This is a bag that the shoulders support; it has double handles and lies on the back. It’s ideal for sportswear (or school).

2 – Baguette

When looking for a casual look for daily use, the baguette purse is best. It’s recognized by its small top to bottom, long side to side look.

3 – Barrel

This type of bag, which is great to enhance a casual look, is similar to a barrel in looks with its cylindrical shape.

4 – Bucket

This bag is roomy, with a shoulder strap and open top. It can be used for both a casual look and sportswear.

5 – Clutch (Envelope)

The clutch is suited for an evening out, as it’s small and rectangular and looks more like a letter.

6 – Doctor

This type of bag has round side with a flat bottom. It’s got a bit of length to it and has two handles that got a collapsible metal frame. This bag is best for heading to the office.

7 – Duffel (Sea)

This kind of bag is rather large and often used for sports or travel. In times’ past, sailors would use this kind of bag.

8 – Flap

This bag has a folding flap closure, and is ideal for a fluid summer dress.

9 – Frame

This purse is rectangular and stiff, and resembles a money purse.

10 – Hobo

This kind of bag, which is best for daily wearing, is any big bag that hangs off the shoulder and has a key slot closure.

11 – Messenger

This kind of bag has a long strap, worn across the body so that the bag rests comfortably on the back. If it’s got a short strap, it turns into a sling bag.

12 – Minaudiere

This small evening bag has a hard case, is covered in either leather or fabric and is decorated with beads or semi-precious stones.

13 – Quilted

This kind of bag resembles a quilt in that it has a top-stitched pattern to it.

14 – Saddle

This bag was originally used on saddles, but can be used casually every day.

15 – Satchel

This small or large handbag has double top handles, a top closure, a wide, flat bottom and locking hardware. It’s got a similar look to vintage school bags.

16 – Shopper

The shopper bag has one handle and is rectangular.

17 – Tote

This medium to large bag has double handles, an open top and open key compartment. It’s generally marketed as a reusable shopping bag and can carry anything too big for common handbags.

18 – Wristlet

This is a clutch-shaped bag that has either a bracelet or leather-looking strap, which enables the wearer to hold the bag freely.




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