20 Secrets of Professional Make-up Artists



Tip  1: Make-up begins with the application of a tonal base suitable for your skin type. The framework should be in harmony with the color of the face, and then makeup will look more natural. How to choose a concealer: test the tone on the back of the hand or wrist, but this is not enough! When choosing the color, be sure to apply a small amount of to the jawline. A minute later, when the substrate is heated to body temperature, you will realize how the shade of foundation coincides with the natural tone of your skin.

Tip 2: If you are not sure which of your selected colors to use, choose a lighter makeup: it gives your skin a glow.

Tip 3: To get rid of a tired look, mask circles under the eyes using a corrector which is a little lighter than the skin tone. Please note: pink shades of corrector hide bluish tones, and give a golden glow.

Tip 4: Shade powder (crumbly or compact) must match the natural color of the face or be a tone lighter. For the summer season, usually choose a darker tone powder on the face to give the effect of a suntan.

Tip 5: The darker the skin, the deeper shade of blush you use.

Tip 6: The most convenient way to use two shades of blush makeup: a darker shade to emphasize the shape of the face, and a lighter one to give the skin a fresh, rested appearance.

Tip 7: When getting eye makeup, remember the golden rule of professional makeup artists: light shades visually enlarge and emphasize the eyes, dark shades reduce and obscure.

Tip 8: Use 2-3 shades at the same time: put the lightest under the brow, the middle on the entire eyelid and the dark from the center to the outer edge of the eyelid.

Tip 9: To gently emphasize the line of the century and give volume to eyelashes, you can use eyeliner. Use color pencil combined with shadows.

Tip 10: A safe choice for eyelashes: black mascara with the volume effect. Lush lashes are a classic.

Professional Make-up Artists

Tip 11: If you choose to use mascara, it must contrast with the color of your eyes. Brown ink is suitable for blue and gray eyes, gray and blue is best for brown and green.

Tip 12: Have a bright accent color on your face: lips painted with lipstick.

Tip 13: Start with the contour pencil, which will adjust and accentuate the shape of the lips and prevent the spreading of lipstick. It is classic to use a pencil color that matches the lipstick.

Tip 14: A modern approach: choose a contour pencil in a lighter shade of lipstick or a fully transparent lip makeup pencil. If lipstick is in pastel shades, use a colorless pencil outline. The main function of a pencil is to keep lipstick from smearing and blurring.

Tip 15: The most convenient way to apply bright lipstick is with a brush. Blot painted lips with a paper towel to remove excess lipstick, and fix the lipstick by powdering the lips. Then apply a second coat of lipstick; the lipstick will stay much longer.

Tip 16: Choose shades of lipstick that are harmonious with the face, even in the absence of makeup.

Tip 17: Bright lipstick requires subtle eye makeup, and vice versa, because the focus is on one thing.

Tip 18: The color of lipstick should be in harmony with the color of eye makeup.

Tip 19: Lip gloss can be applied over lipstick or directly on the lips.

Tip 20: To increase the volume of the lips use lip gloss: two points on the upper lip and one on the lower lip in the middle.




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