20 Types Of Fillings For Pita Bread Roll



1.    A pack of crab sticks, two garlic cloves, a boiled egg, grated cheese, greens, mayo.
2.    A pack of cottage cheese, salt, greens, two garlic cloves, a few spoonfuls of mayo.
3.    Cottage cheese, salt, greens, two garlic cloves, grated cheese, pickles.
4.    Fried mushrooms with onions, greens and 200g of melted cheese. Add minced pickles if desired.
5.    Red fish, fresh cucumbers, and greens.
6.    Crumbled Adygea cheese, Korean carrots, mayo, greens.
7.    Canned fish, grated cheese, greens.
8.     Rice, eggs, mayo, greens.
9.    Ham, solid cheese, grated cucumbers, garlic clove, mayo.
10.    Grated boiled eggs, Korean carrots, smoked sausage, mayo.
11.    Grated cucumbers and carrots, smoked sausage or other meets, greens, mayo.
12.    Sieved onions and sweet peppers, minced pickles, friend chicken, fresh tomatoes, garlic clover, mayo.
13.    Fried minced meat, grated cheese, sieved onions and sweet pepper.
14.    Grated carrots, grated beets, garlic clover, crushed walnut kernels, mayo.
15.    Fried mushrooms and onions, grated cheese, boiled eggs, greens.
16.    Cream cheese, minced onions and garlic, red and black ground pepper (homogeneous mix).
17.    Fried chicken liver, ground pepper, a few spoonfuls of fat cream blended into a mix and seasoned with salt and pepper, then heated up in microwave.
18.    Fried onions, garlic, sweet peppers, eggplant, two tomatoes blended.
19.    Butter, boiled shrimp, garlic clover.
20.    Crab sticks, 2-3 eggs, solid cheese 70-100g, mayo 100g, greens.



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