1.    Use stairs.
Using stairs will make you burn 11 calories per minute on average. That’s about as effective as jogging.
2.    Care for your stomach.
A cup of mint tea after meal promotes healthy digestion and prevents bloating.
3.    Don’t neglect your feet.
In order to make your foot soles baby soft, make time for exfoliation, and don’t forget to moisturize.
4.    Work on your abs.
In order to get a flat tummy, don’t forget to do this exercise: lay on the floor, bend your knees, clench your feet to the floor and put your hands behind your head. Using your abdominal muscles, force your chest up so that your shoulders and back no longer touch the floor.
5.    Straighten your hair.
Straight hair makes you appear slimmer due to the look of straight vertical lines along your body.
6.    Choose your colors.
Wear clothing of the same tone, regardless what it is – black or colorful – this will make your silhouette visually thinner.
7.    Eat dried fruit.
These include dried apricots, prunes, figs – they’re rich in vitamins and micro-elements.
8.    Eat the right kind of chocolate.
It’s important to consider that dark chocolate is the only healthy kind, as it contains little sugar and plenty of cocoa beans (around 70%). It also helps control blood sugar level, thus controlling your sweet cravings.
9.    Eat regularly.
If you had to skip breakfast, worked through dinner time, and had a single snack all day, your body simply does not have any energy left to remain beautiful.
10.    Do sports.
Remember – it’s about quality, not quantity. Even short, 10-minute long exercise sessions will noticeably improve your figure.
11.    Wear heels.
First of all, they make your legs visually longer. Second, wearing heels makes your muscles strain, thus straightening out your legs. However, it’s best to avoid ankle straps, as those counter the effect. Platform shoes aren’t great when it comes to your figure, either. Remember, an ideal heel length is below 5cm.
12.    Don’t diet too much.
Experts believe that this can lead to a loss of muscle mass, slow down metabolism, and, consequently, increase your cravings for carbs and fatty foods. There is no easy solution, so make sure to diet smart.
13.    Laugh more.
Laughing hard makes your abdominal muscles actively contract.
14.    Eat grapefruits.
Grapefruit juice is a natural diuretic, which comes in handy when battling swelling and puffiness. Besides, rich in vitamin C, just one glass of grapefruit juice will revitalize your body for the day.
15.    Watch your calorie intake.
Avoid excessively fatty and high-calorie foods, like friend potatoes and cakes. Instead, opt for steamed rice, tomato sauce, fish, and veggies.
16.    Keep your back straight.
A good posture will not only make you taller, but help you take deeper breaths, thus providing more oxygen for your body.
17.    Respect proteins.
A diet rich in proteins will help your body control appetite and produce glucagon – a hormone necessary to keep our weight at bay. If you need your body to process fats faster, eat more fish and beans.
18.    Fight cellulite.
To make your skin smooth, try some anti-cellulite capsules. This clinically tested supplement is designed to help you get rid of the “orange peel” look.
19.    Watch what you drink.
Alcohol is extra calories and puffiness. Cutting out alcohol completely is an ideal solution, but that might be hard to accomplish. If you have to compromise, drink your wine with mineral water.
20.     Don’t beat yourself up.
Even if you’ve had one too many scoops of ice cream. Sometimes, excessive food cravings are caused by boredom or loneliness, so find some company for dinnertime – you might be too busy talking, and maybe even too embarrassed to indulge in tons of delicacies and dessert.



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