21 Tips for an Organized Bathroom


Even though bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house, they need to hold an awful lot of stuff for the family and guests. Storage space is at a premium, but there are ways to extend it without creating a cluttered mess. Maintain a well-organized bathroom to fit everything neatly and so everything can be found in an instant. Consider these 21 tips for an organized bathroom.

#1 – Office Organization Units

Office Organization Units
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Officer and desk organizers have small drawers and trays that are perfect for makeup, toiletries and other necessities in the bathroom.

#2 – Small Storage Racks

Small Storage Racks
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Racks and shelving for the bathroom should make great use of the space you have. Keep it small and sturdy.

#3 – Mason Jar Wall Rack

Mason Jar Wall Rack
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Mount mason jars or similar containers to a board on the wall near your bathroom sink for easy access and oh-so stylish storage.

#4 – Chic Baskets

 Chic Baskets
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Trendy or classic baskets get a new life hanging from curtain rods installed on your wall. Easily take them down and put them back to get to all of your bathroom essentials.

#5 – Hidden Baskets and Bins

Hidden Baskets and Bins
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Small plastic bins can easily be screwed or hooked to the inside of cabinet doors to expand your storage options.

#6 — Perfect Fit Shelving
Perfect Fit Shelving

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Buy shelves specifically designed to fit around bathroom fixtures for more storage without the fuss. Even a small unit can add many options.

#7 – Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer
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Plastic shoe organizers are always great when attached to the inside of cabinet doors. Store everything from extra toilet tissue to hair accessories.

#8 – Drawer Inserts

Drawer Inserts
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Simple plastic drawer organizers, such as those used in the kitchen for utensils, make great bathroom organizers for tooth brushes and makeup.

#9 – Add a Pretty Tray

Add a Pretty Tray
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A decorative tray or shall dish can keep many things on your bathroom counter organized and in one place for easy access. Adds a touch of style too!

#10 – Shabby Chic Ladder Shelves

Shabby Chic Ladder Shelves
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A simple ladder shelf takes up little space and is very convenient for towels and bathroom sundries.

#11 – Expandable Clothes Rack

Expandable Clothes Rack
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Save lots of space with expandable clothes or towel racks that are great for drying hand washables, but fold flat when you’re done.

#12 – Organize With Labels

Organize With Labels

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Label everything to cut down on wasted time as your family gets ready for work and school.

#13 – Smart Under Sink Storage

Smart Under Sink Storage
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Keep the space under the sink neat and clean with baskets, jars and trays so you can access what you need quickly.

#14 – Shelf With Towel Holder

Shelf With Towel Holder
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Shelves specifically made for the bathroom have included towel rack. You can also make one easily yourself to make space do double duty.

#15 – Acrylic Shower Caddies

Acrylic Shower Caddies
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Acrylic or plastic caddies keep everything visible and at your fingertips. Screw them to the wall to hold everything securely.

#16 – Large Baskets

Large Baskets
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Do it like the upscale hotels do! A large based can hold plenty of rolled towels for family or guests.

#17 – Crafty Jars and Vases

 Crafty Jars and Vases
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Shabby chic painted jars hold cotton swabs and makeup brushes neatly. Other jars and small, wide-mouth vases work as well.

#18 – Wood Drawer Linings

Wood Drawer Linings
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In drawer or out, neat wooden drawer inserts and dividers keep makeup, toiletries and sundries well organized.

#19 – Vertical Towel Racks

Vertical Towel Racks
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With wall space at a premium, go vertical with multiple towel racks for every member of the family.

#20 – Specialized Storage Solutions

Specialized Storage Solutions
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Find storage solutions specifically designed to hold hair dryers, curling irons and other bathroom gadgets.

#21 – Narrow Shelf Cabinets

Narrow Shelf Cabinets
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Choose cabinets and shelves with shallow shelves. They can hold a lot of bathroom items without taking up precious space.




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