3 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes


Our hair has a great impact on our appearance. That’s why you can’t think of hair care as a boring and mundanely necessary routine.

1st mistake. Shampooing the hair on the front of your head first. You have a lot more body and more coarse hair on the back of your head, so apply the shampoo to that area first, then spread towards the front. If you do the opposite, the hair on the front of your head will eventually start getting greasier and finer due to hair products overkill.

2nd mistake. Using too many additional products for volume. You’re wrong if you think that the more volumizing products you use, the more volume you will get. Quite the opposite, you’re better off using as little as possible. Smothering your hair in volumizing conditioner, mousse, ans spray can cause an adverse effect, make your hair heavy and flat. Squeeze one of the products into your palm, then apply the product evenly to your hair.

3rd mistake. Incorrect application of healing and revitalizing products. Remember how face and body lotion works? Your skin has to absorb it, so we spread it all over and lightly massage it into the skin. Same goes for revitalizing hair products. After applying it to your hair and spreading evenly, apply light pressure to your hair, and squeeze it together for the product to sink in.


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