3 Steps to Smoky Eyes



No matter what color your eyes are, smoky eye makeup will accentuate their shine and give mystique. With these 3 easy and simple steps, you’ll be able to create smoky eyes in no more than 5 minutes.

Smoky Eyes

You will need: eye shadow (choose the color according to your taste, for example, may prefer a neutral champagne color), black eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara.

The first step: applying the chosen eye shadow. The classic version uses eyeshades of very dark colors (dark brown, dark gray or black). However, you can apply eye shadow in a lighter color, because if you use tones that are too dark, eyes may appear too narrow. To start, apply shadow to the entire upper eyelid, and then, using a small brush (or cotton swab), just apply some to the lower eyelid.

Step two: applying black eyeliner. If you do not want your eyes to look too heavy, use a dark brown eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner starting from the outside of the upper corner of the eye. Do not worry about drawing a straight line: all the roughness can be corrected. Then take a brush for the eyes and use it to apply eye shadow which matches your eyeliner on top of the shade line liner. This way, you create the desired effect of smoky eyes and hide irregularities in the applied liner, and the makeup will last much longer.

The third step: applying mascara. A darker color of mascara is better. If you want your eyes to look more expressive, you can apply 2-3 coats of mascara or use false eyelashes.



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