3 Ways to Make your Lips Plump



For beginners:

Avoid dark lipsticks or lip glosses that make your mouth visually smaller and your lips – thinner. Instead, choose bright, sparkling products that reflect light well, creating a visual illusion of full, voluminous lips. Try to regularly exfoliate the lips with a special toothbrush or scrub and then apply a nourishing balm – regular delicate exfoliation improves circulation, making lips plumper and brighter.

You can also use a favorite method of Hollywood makeup artists, who apply a shimmering gloss in the middle of the lower lip at the end of make-up session. A drop of shimmering gloss in the center of the lower lip – is a favorite method of Hollywood make-up artists to make the lips look like Angelina Jolie’s.

Make your Lips Plump

For intermediate level:

Trace the “Cupid arch” – a line, resembling the letter M on the upper lip – with a shimmering white pencil or a pencil of nude shade and gently blend, then start applying lipstick or gloss. If you are confident in your make-up skills, you can try to use brown eyeliner instead of white pencil – the line should be almost invisible, but it should create visual effect of the shadows that visually enhance the lips.

Massage the lips with a toothbrush regularly, then apply lip balm – it will improve the microcirculation and make the lip color more vivid.

For the expert:

Cover lips with concealer completely to retouch the contour. Next, take the cream liner close to the natural color of your lips or 2-3 shades darker and outline the lines of your mouth, tracing a bit further its natural contour. Gently blend resulting contour and apply lipstick or gloss.



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