4 Wrong Ways to Use Eyeliner



Most women use makeup to accentuate their natural beauty, some wish to make a statement at an evening event or special occasion by creating a more unique look. For these instances, the correct application of eyeliner is necessary to make your lovely eyes look larger and more alluring. Unfortunately, many women make mistakes when it comes to the application of eyeliner. Read the four ways you might be doing it wrong below so you can correct the process.


1 – Do you always use black or brown eyeliner? These traditional eyeliner colors can be useful, but they should not be your only choices for everyday use for special occasions. Consider using blue, purple or green to accentuate the natural color of your eye and even adding a pale color on the lower lash to make your eyes seem larger.

2 – Do you make a heavy line on the bottom eyelid? The days of outlining your eye completely with black liner are over. Putting a thick line on your bottom lid can actually give the appearance of having smaller eyes. There is also a greater chance of the liner here smudging or wearing off.

3 – Do you use the right type of eyeliner for the right application? Pencil eyeliner is great for everyday use and beginners. It can make a soft line that accentuate your eyes naturally. Gel liners are also relatively easy to apply but create a much bolder statement. The most difficult type of eyeliner to use correctly is liquid variety. This type of makeup creates a very strong line and is recommended for evening or party use only.

4 – Do you apply your eyeliner unevenly? Many women were taught to apply eyeliner in one smooth stroke from the inner corner of their eye all the way to the outer edge of their lashes. This can result in an uneven line due to the soft skin of the eyelid and natural variations in the lash line. Instead, make short, even strokes and pick the pencil or brush up frequently to make sure you are still on the right track. This can also help you correct mistakes as you go rather than having to wash all your eye makeup off and start over again.


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