5 Minute Style with this Braid and Bun Hairdo



Beautiful long hair is prized by many women and coveted by others, but it can get boring to just leave it hanging loose every day. In the summer time, long hair can make you feel hotter so you may want to put it up but don’t have time to complete a complicated style.

This attractive and super quick braid and bun hairdo is the answer.

Braid and Bun Hairdo

1.    Gather your hair together in a high ponytail at the back of your head.
2.    Slip the ponytail over the top of your head and use an elastic hairband to gather it together where your four head starts as shown in the picture.
3.    The braid the remaining tale of your hair loosely and secure the end with another elastic.
4.    Push the middle elastic down to the elastic closest to your head to create a poof of hair as shown in the picture. Secure this with bobby pins.
5.    Gently pull some of the braided loops so the braid appears fuller and has a casually messy appearance.
6.    Wrap this braid around the base of the hair poof and secure it with bobby pins as well.
7.    If desired, pull a few strands of hair loose around your face or a softer finish.

This five-minute hairstyle is great for days at the office casual outings with friends, but can also great when paired with an elegant outfit for the evening.



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