5 Secrets of Daytime Makeup



    1. Perfect tone
    The important point of daytime makeup is its weightless base, and using tonal means with light reflecting particles. Easy moisturizer will give your skin a healthy glow. Light-reflecting particles help to smooth out any irregularities and create the perfect tone. For better distribution, use a brush to apply the product to the center of the face, shading to the edges of the face.

    2. Highlighter
    Remember this magic word – without it, no daily makeup can be done. Mark the top of the cheekbones, the inner corner of the eye, the line of the upper lip, and the space under the eyebrow using highlighter. Highlighter will help you to accentuate facial features, as well as other features. For example, if you wear an open neckline, you have to mark the line of the shoulders and collarbone.

    3. Wide eyebrows
    Nothing adorns the face as well as groomed and expressive eyebrows. The brow line is convenient for drawing shadows – a dry texture looks more natural, leaving no rigid boundaries. Apply a shade between the hairs with a beveled brush; start from where there are not enough visual hairs. A natural form is a classical direct eyebrow with a slight curve.

    4. Blush
    Blend blush on the most protruding part of the cheekbones. To determine the best place, smile in the mirror. A healthy complexion is light a cream blush, and gentle gel or creamy texture is perfect in cold weather. With the help of blush, you can also emphasize the freshness of the lips. Conversely if you find a lipstick in your handbag, freshen your makeup, applying lipstick to your lips and cheeks with your fingertips.

    5. Expressive eyes
    Daytime makeup is not possible without an expressive, but at the same time, open, easy look. For this, you should focus on the eyelashes and their contour. Draw a line with liquid liner along the lash. It is important that there are no light places between the contour and eyelashes. Try to draw an arrow with a pencil, feathering the line. The final touch of daytime makeup is mascara. Just do not overdo it; one or two strokes of the brush will be enough.



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