5 Tips For a Successful Diet



1.    Go for walks
You won’t lose weight fast from going on walks, but it will give you decent results in the long run. Each 10 minutes of walking will burn 40 calories, which is almost the amount you burn when running the same distance, only running will wear you out faster.

Successful Diet

2.    Do sports
You might have heard this one too many times, but exercising is healthy. With a couple hours each week, you’re going to burn calories and speed up your metabolism. One of the simplest exercises is walking on a treadmill in cycles of 2-6 minutes. You can go swimming instead, ride a bike, or go rollerskating. It’s best to find time for these activities at least twice a week.

3.    Running late?
You can split your workout into two, three, or four parts. Research has shown that you lose the same amount of calories regardless of which route you take. For example, in the morning before work, you can do 10 exercises for your abs, then later in the day use the stairs at work instead of an elevator, and then do a little dancing to your favorite tune while making dinner that night.

4.    Easy, simple routine
Everyday chores and shopping burns calories just as well as your workout routine. For example, window shopping burns 35 calories each 10 minutes on average, picking weeds – 60 calories, walking your dog for 4 minutes – 40 calories, using stairs to the next floor – 16 calories, dancing to a song – 20 calories.

5.    Take off excess pounds
Slimming down through exercising may seem like a boring and mundane task. You don’t have to spend most of your time in a gym. But if you have some free time, it’s enough to do a set of 8-12 exercises twice a week. This should be enough to keep you in shape and prevent you from packing on pounds. Try to view your 30-40 minute workout as an investment into a beautiful body.
Remember, the best kind of workout is not the one that burns the most calories, but the one you enjoy. Choose the ones you like, and being in a happy mood will give an additional boost to your health!



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