5 Types of Smokey Eyes for Different Eye Shapes



Shape: asymmetrical eyes

Smokey eyes make-up will easily mask different shapes of the eyes. To visually enlarge or lift the eyes, apply dark eye shadow closer to the eyebrows and toward the fold. This trick is done with shades of different colors – purple, pink, gold or coal.

Shape: close-set eyes

To visually expand the eyes, use the smokey eyes technique with the transition from light to dark shades. Apply light shimmering eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes, golden eye shadow to the center of the eyes and smoothly pass to rich brown shades in the outer corners. Line the lower eyelid with a black pencil.

Smokey Eyes for Different Eye Shapes

Shape: far-set eyes

This type of eyes is perfect for experimenting with saturated makeup. To create a spectacular smokey eyes apply silver cream eye shadow to the upper eyelids and blend, passing over the fold with a bronzer. Line the lash growth line with a black pencil.

Shape: small eyes

Smokey eyes of light shades suit this shape of eyes. Smooth transition from the lightest shades in the inner corners to the darker ones is also important here. But you shouldn’t apply any make-up to the lower eyelids, because you’ll make your eyes visually smaller this way.

Shape: almond-like

Glittering smokey eyes will perfectly accentuate such a beautiful eye shape. Apply glittering eye shadow to the upper eyelid and apply bronzer to the fold with the applicator to give depth to the look. Line the top lash growth with a black pencil and apply shimmering eye shadow to the lower eyelid, using angled brush.



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