6 Tips for a Flawless Look



It’s not always easy to achieve a flawless makeup look. Here are a few tips to help you master your technique.

Rise and shine. Regular use of spray tan will make you forget about uneven skin tone and complexion.

Don’t forget the basics. Use primer before applying foundation. Find the kind that works for you, matches your skin tone, and blends well. You can hide small imperfections and blemishes with a concealer.

Mineral miracle. Mineral makeup has a ton of advantages. It protects and soothes your skin, doesn’t clog pores or look cakey. Perhaps, silky smooth skin is all you need to look gorgeous.

Color control. Don’t go too crazy on the colors. War paint isn’t exactly the best choice, especially when it comes to daytime. Stick with pastel shades and pale pink or peach blush.

Smoky eyes. This is the most universal and effective makeup look. But even though it’s relatively easy to achieve, it’s also easy to overdo. Don’t go too hard on the colors, or you’ll risk looking cheap and vulgar.

All eyes on you. Dark lipstick, eyeliner, and powder with light reflecting particles is the holy trinity when it comes to having your makeup done for a party.




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