7 Ways to Visually Slim Down your Face and Body


1.    Add volume to your hair to make your face appear thinner.
2.    Dark hair hides facial imperfections, while lighter hair emphasizes them.

Slim Down your Face and Body
Cool Hair and Makeup will help you to make your face more visually slimmer

3.    Emphasizing the right features of your face, like lips, or eyes, will visually distract from imperfections.
4.    Cellulite cream won’t do the trick in just a couple of days, but it can certainly add some extra tone to your skin.
5.    Besides, cellulite is less noticeable when your skin is hydrated.
6.    Take vitamins specifically designed for women, as well as nutrients. It is guaranteed to show on your skin, hair, and nails.
7.    Use citric scents. According to scientists, they make you look several pounds lighter to others.


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