75 Amazing Experiences To Give To Your Kid



Childhood memories stay with us throughout the rest of our life – they are priceless! Check out this list to give your kid the most awesome childhood experiences!

1.    Slide down a high mountain on a sledge together
2.    Bring a tree branch home and put it in a vase
3.    Cut jaws out of orange peel
4.    Spend an evening talking or playing in candlelight
5.    Watch the stars
6.    Put a paper sheet over a coin and use a pencil to recreate the image on paper
7.    Shake a pencil in your hand until it feels flexible
8.    Make holes in ice under a water stream
9.    Write using copy paper
10.    Make your own paper garlands
11.    Watch a shadow theater performance
12.    Skip rocks
13.    Draw comics on edges of notebook sheets
14.    Make a fort out of cardboard boxes
15.    Make a head wreath
16.    Make a “volcano eruption” with citric acid and soda
17.    Show the trick with electrified paper men
18.    Have a water gun fight
19.    Listen to birds
20.    Play around a creek
21.    Build a tree house
22.    Learn sign language
23.    Make jewelery and head wreath out of flowers
24.    Blow on dandelion
25.    Try ant juice
26.    Try eating wild berries
27.    Shake a tree branch in the winter to create a snowfall
28.    Play with mirror and sunbeams
29.    Make a mini-house out of refrigerator box
30.    Watch sunset and sunrise
31.    Look at full moon
32.    Watch the clouds and find those that resemble things or people
33.    Make a weather vane
34.    Go fishing
35.    Make burnt sugar in a spoon
36.    Shine flashlight in the dark
37.    Feed birds
38.    Make invisible notes with milk as ink
39.    Build a fort out of furniture
40.    Sit by the fire and roast bread
41.    Make secret notes
42.    Fly a kite
43.    Build a sandcastle, bury your body in sand
44.    Make devil horns with shampooed hair
45.    Blow inside an empty bottle
46.    Repeat the same word so much it stops making sense
47.    Chase your shadow
48.    Play in puddles
49.    Make a thunderstorm in a glass
50.    Bury a treasure in their dinner
51.    Make cookies using cooking forms
52.    Play cyclopes
53.    Sing in a choir
54.    Repair a favorite toy
55.    Decorate a Christmas tree
56.    Build a dollhouse
57.    Blow bubbles
58.    Climb a tree
59.    Whistle through acacia pod
60.    Play ghosts
61.    Talk about dreams
62.    Make your own drums
63.    Release a balloon into the sky
64.    String berries onto grass blades
65.    Look through colorful glass
66.    Draw or write on fogged windows
67.    Play in fallen leaves
68.    Start a meal with dessert
69.    Dress up in grown-up clothes
70.    Make snow angels
71.    Organize a kid’s party
72.    Make octopuses from dandelions and dolls from hips
73.    Hold hands and twirl
74.    Watch seeds sprout
75.    Eat orpin, suck resin, lick birch sap and maple syrup, chew grass.


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