Before applying nail polish, wash your hands with soap and apply some nail polish remover to your nails.
Apply nail polish to warm hands for it to last longer.

No matter how expensive your nail polish is, shake it before use, as it often forms residue while sitting in your drawer for a while. But don’t shake it too vigorously – that might cause the nail polish to bubble up, thus making the formula harder to apply evenly.

Single color manicure is applied in three strokes: one in the center and two on the sides. Liquid formula makes the polish thinner, more transparent, stronger, and helps it dry faster.

The diluter in nail polish eventually evaporates, making it thicker. It becomes harder to apply, it goes on unevenly in thicker layers, takes a while to dry and flakes off faster. You can’t completely revitalize old nail polish. Even if you add some diluter, some of its properties are gone forever.

In order to partially remove a layer of nail polish that’s too thick, use a thinner – it’s much less aggressive than nail polish remover. A thinner will help make an old and cracked coat look neater, in case you don’t have time to do your manicure over.

This season, you will need a 2 color manicure to get a perfectly vivid and trendy look. Before applying another layer, let your nail polish dry completely. Fast-drying nail polishes are, of course, very handy. But remember, fast-drying also means sooner expiration date.

The drying speed of each nail polish is individual, but you can always speed it up by using a hair dryer. Don’t make it too hot or too strong. There special nail dryers out there, but a regular hair dryer tends to be more effective and easier to use. A new product by Beguin that’s meant to help your nail polish dry faster hit the shelves not too long ago.

If your manicure let you down at the most unexpected time, and you don’t have the time or the ability to fix it on the spot, there are things you can do to ‘reanimate’ your nails. Smooth out the cracks on your coat by using the surface on the side of a matchbox, then apply a new layer of polish on top.


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