Amazing Loose Hairstyle



Learn how to get an amazing loose hairstyle that is suitable for all events. It is a wonderful variant of the classic braid that can easily help you decide on a style, especially when you wish to create a very impressive and quick hairstyle.

You will need:
– A curling iron or rollers
– A transparent elastic band or a color that matches your hair
– Tweezers or hairpins
– A brush
– Hairspray

1. Start by curling your hair, as in the image below.

2. Make a low ponytail after parting your hair from one ear to the other, and use the hair beneath. Then, separate the hair which is in the upper section into three equal parts.

3. Tease the middle portion of your hair to add volume.

4. Twirl the hair you teased a little bit into a bun and secure it with a hairpin into the low ponytail that you made previously.

5. Tease again on the side to add more volume.

6. Twirl this bun too and secure it again with a hairpin into the low ponytail.

7. Repeat the teasing on the other side as well and secure it in the same way with a hairpin in the ponytail.

8. Finally, pull a few locks of hair around your face to create a looser, more natural hairstyle and apply some hairspray.



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