How to apply eyeliner on your eyes, while avoiding these five common mistakes!



First mistake:
While drawing eyeliner, many people don’t look at the mirror head on, but instead from the side. They think that by using that viewpoint, they’ll be able to make a straighter arrow. However, if you look straight at the mirror after this technique, you’ll see that it’s not the shape that was intended. Of course, it may look fine from the side, but more often than not, we look at people’s faces, not their sides.
Rule 1:
When drawing eyeliner, always look straight ahead into the mirror!

apply eyeliner

Second mistake:
There are two different understandings as to where you should start drawing the eyeliner: from the corner of the eye or from the eye lashes. Most people start from the corner, but a novice could complicate the task this way. Eyeliner is much easier to connect with a pre-drawn line, and the likelihood that you will get it thin and neat has increased significantly! If you start drawing from the corner of your eye, you could make a mistake with the weight and thickness of the line. However, if you have an eye shape that allows for thicker and more expressive eyeliner, then this approach is for you!
Rule 2:
Start drawing eyeliner from your eye lashes.

Third mistake:
This is the most common blunder. A lot of you, after watching countless videos, try to copy makeup artists and draw eyeliner the same way they do – with their eyes closed, bringing the tail of the arrow along the natural line of  the eyelashes! Yes, makeup artists have very well-trained hands where they can do it automatically. But if you are a beginner, it will not be easy to repeat this maneuver. Of course, you can give it a shot, but the result might be that the corners of the eyes are raised excessively, or, conversely, dropped too low!
Rule 3:
Eyeliner should be drawn along the natural progression of your eye; this way, it’s sure to fit the shape correctly, visually raising the corner of your eye!

Fourth mistake:
When the arrow is finished, you suddenly notice that there are small gaps between it and your eyelashes, and you get upset.
Rule 4:
You can apply some dark eye shadow under your lashes, and only then begin to draw the arrow. As a result, the arrow will blend with your lashes without a hint of any gaps!

Fifth Mistake:
If you have heavy eyelids, your eyeliner should be very thin and neat. You can forget about the “predatory” look with a wide line; otherwise your eyes will look even more weighted.
Rule 5:
Always take into account your own eye shape!
If you have round shaped, don’t draw an arrow from the outer corner, otherwise you further accentuate their roundedness! Start drawing from the middle of the eye, increasing the weight of the arrow as you approach the outer corner.
For those of you who have almond-shaped eyes (you are lucky), you can try any of the aforementioned varieties of drawing eyeliner, including the thicker variety.

All of these recommendations are from my own personal experience, which is incredibly important in our profession. Therefore, I’d like to say with a great deal of confidence, that much like mother nature doesn’t give us bad weather, neither does she give us a bad eye shape; there are only bad arrow lines. I hope that with these suggestions, your hope for the “ideal” eyeliner look can become a reality.



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