How to Apply Eyeshadow



Remember: you need colors that mingle with each other, and at least 2 different shades, light and dark.
1.    Light eyeshadow is used as a base and to emphasize your brows, blend darker shades, and create gradients between colors.
2.    Dark eyeshadow is used to emphasize your eyes. It’s applied to the outer corners of your eyes or above your eyelid, depending on the size and location of your eyes.
If your eyes are located closer to your nose, apply some highlighter or light eyeshadow to your inner eye corners, and darker shades to the middle or the outer corner of your eyelid.
If your eyes are farther apart, apply darker shade to your inner eye corners, or even shade all over your eyelid.
If the distance between your eyes is average, and your eyes have a standard shape, you can use almost any method of eyeshadow application.
Beautiful eye makeup can mean different things. Sometimes, beautiful means on the natural side, when no one can tell you’re wearing any makeup. Sometimes, it’s the combination of vivid colors that contrast with each other.
The only rule here is not to apply evening style makeup in the morning, and vice versa. When you’re heading out in the early afternoon, do your makeup in daylight. If you’re preparing for a night out at the club, it’s better to apply makeup in artificial lighting. Following this rule will help you maintain the right look for any occasion.

Apply Eyeshadow

How to get beautiful eye makeup

If you used eyeliner, you can apply your eyeshadow above it, all over, or blend the contour with a makeup sponge with the same eyeshadow shade on it.
If you’re using several colors, blend the shades so that you get a gradient between the colors. Your brush strokes should be directed upwards for a better effect.
You also have to blend the accent shadow. You want to create an illusion of gradually fading color for a mysterious, hazy look. You can use a brush or an applicator with a lighter shade of the same color eyeshadow in order to blend lines.

Using three shades of eyeshadow
Choosing shades:

The lighter shade must be several shades lighter than the medium shade (base), the darker shade can be as dark as pitch black (accent).
Traditionally, when going for a classic look, each shade has its designated area. Classic look suits almost anyone, regardless of the size or location of your eyes. So how do you apply eyeshadow correctly when using three or more colors?
1.    Lighter shade is always applied under your eyebrow, all over up to the middle of you eyelid.
2.    Base shade is applied all over the eyelid, from inner to outer corner of your eye
3.    Accent shades can be applied in several different ways. You should only apply it under the frontal bone, using an applicator to make a line where your eyelid ends, without going over the frontal bone.
The universal rule here is to never leave any sharp lines. Blend all lines to get gradients between the colors.


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