How to Apply Glitter in Eye Makeup



Glitter comes in two types: very light which is not noticeable and creates the effect of skin radiance, and heavier which is best used on the shoulders, collarbone and chest area as well as on the face.

Apply Glitter in Eye Makeup

Basic rules for the use of glitter makeup

– Glitter is best used as an evening look, and is not always appropriate in the daytime.

– Color glitter should be selected on the same principle as eye shadow: For green eyes, all shades of blue are suitable; for blue eyes, brown is best; and for brown eyes, violets are a good choice.

– With glittery makeup, have only one focus: eyes, lips or cheeks.

– Glitter make up should be finished with a makeup fixer to keep it applied well to the face.. If using makeup fixer, use special fixing gels designed for professional makeup.

– Remove shines best with funds based on oil. Also suitable for the purpose the usual olive oil.



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