Avoid The Embarrassment: 2 Brazilian Wax Techniques That Can Be Done In Your Home


Women love to have a bikini area that’s hair free, but they can’t justify spending at least $50 to get it done.  On top of that, a Brazilian wax can make some women uncomfortable. After all, a stranger is the one removing the hair from your bikini area.

A Brazilian wax doesn’t have to be like that any longer.

No more uncomfortable encounters with a stranger. All you need is $10 and a mirror, and you can do a Brazilian wax yourself.

Now, there are two Brazilian wax techniques that you can use – either one will give you the results you’re looking for but will depend on what you feel comfortable doing.  Are you ready to learn how to do a Brazilian wax in the comfort of your own home and without any embarrassment?

Technique 1 – Do-It-Yourself Brazilian Wax

Step 1 – Get Your Supplies Together

You can easily create your own sugar wax, but you still need to mix the ingredients together to make the concoction for the Brazilian wax. What do you need?

  • 2 c. of white sugar
  • 1/4 c. of water
  • 1/4 c. of vinegar, squeezed or juice or lemon juice
  • Brazilian wax waxing strips
  • Large stainless steel pan (Use a newer pan)

Step 2 – Mix Ingredients Together

  • After you mix all the ingredients in the pan, you need to bring them to boil over high heat and then reduce it to a medium hit, giving it an occasional stir. Do not overcook the mixture, and don’t allow it to boil again. If you see it boiling, you need to reduce the heat.

Step 3 – Put Into Clean Container

  • Once the mixture turns burn, take it off the heat. (This process can take up to 20 minutes). Use a butter knife, not your fingers, to determine its thickness. If it’s really thick, then it’s ready to be used.
  • Another way to tell if it’s done is to drop some of it in a glass of water. If there’s no trail and creates a bead, the mixture is ready. However, if you notice the mixture is too thin and runny, don’t try to improve on it. Just throw it away and do another batch.

Step 4 – Allow It To Cool

  • You want it to cool but not too much. You want it to be hot but not scalding. You don’t want to burn yourself.  If the mixture cools down too much, it’s not going to be as sticky. You can pour the mixture into the bowl and microwave it so that it’s usable again.

Step 5 – Get Your Skin Ready

  • It’s important you clean your skin and put some baby powder on the area. You want the skin to be dry. Keep in mind that you may need to apply more powder if you’re sweating or you start to feel pain… based on your tolerance level.
  • Again, you may need to heat the wax up again.

Step 6 – Rub The Wax On 

  • Use a butter knife to rub the wax on your bikini area. If the mixture is too hot, you should let it cool. If the mixture is too cold, you need to reheat it. The hair won’t come off completely without some heat behind it.
  • Put the wax on in the hair’s direction. You want at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair for the wax to affix to. If your hair is too long, you could have some difficulty removing the hair.
  • Put a mirror between your legs so you can see the underside. Don’t try to do a Brazilian wax blind.

Step 7 – Put Strip On Covered Area and Allow To Dry

  • Make sure you start near your navel area first. Dip the strips in the wax to get a good removal of hair.
  • You can either use store-bought waxing strips or create your own with an old, but a clean cotton shirt. Since sugar wax is water-soluble, your strips can repeatedly be used but should be cleaned right away.  Be sure the strips are one to two inches long. Smaller strips can be used on the difficult-to-get-to places.

Step 8 – Quickly Remove The Strips

  • You don’t want a lot of strips to remove all at once. No more than two at a time is best.
  • Keep the strip on the area for roughly 30 seconds. Quickly remove it in the opposite direction of the hair. The faster you do this, the less pain you’re going to feel.
  • Repeat the step until you’ve removed all the hair.

Step 9 –Apply Lotion/Oil

  • When you’ve removed all the hair, consider adding a little lotion or oil to soothe the region. If there are any stray hairs, use tweezers to get them.

Step 10 – Clean Up Your Mess

  • It’s important to quickly clean your mess up after you do a Brazilian wax. Wax, when it hardens, is extremely hard to clean up. Worst of all, if it’s not dealt with right away, you could be dealing with ants.

Technique 2 – Store-Bought Brazilian Wax Products

Brazilian WaxStep 1 – Purchase A Sugaring Wax

You can often find Brazilian wax products at major retailers, but more options are often seen in beauty supply stores. Consider the Nair Roll-On Wax, as it comes with a roll-on applicator that distributes an even amount of wax.

Step 2 – Cut Waxing Strips To Become Smaller Strips

  • You can either buy these Brazilian wax strips or create your own. You want various strip sizes – one to two inches.
  • If you go with the do-it-yourself Brazilian wax method, you need to look for an old t-shirt or cotton fabric and cut the material into strips. If taken care of properly, they can be used repeatedly.

Step 3 – Thoroughly Clean Your Bikini Region

  • Make sure you clean your bikini area really good to get rid of the residue. You want to make sure the wax will stick.
  • If you must, cut the hair to about 1/2 to 1/4 inches. This will make it easier to remove.
  • Put baby powder on the area you’re going to wax. This ensures the wax is sticking to the hair and not your skin. It will also alleviate a fair amount of pain. If you notice an increase in pain, put on more baby powder. This is especially true if the area you’re in is warm.

Step 4 – Remove Wax Off Your Hands

  • You should keep a cloth or paper towel on hand to remove the excess wax off your fingers and hands. If the wax you’re using dissolves in water, you can get your cloth wet.  If not, then you just use a cotton boil soaked in baby oil to get rid of the extra wax and ensure smooth skin at the same time.

Step 5 – Applying Your Wax

  • Start at your navel and work down. Make sure the way is applied in the same direction as your hair is growing.
  • Using one hand, tightly stretch the skin. If you have to, use paper towels to help you.
  • Rip the strips off with the other hand, going away from the direction of the hair growth. You’ll get better results, and the pain is far less.
  • Don’t put too much wax on since the strips may not stick to the hair.
  • Use a mirror in between your legs, allowing you to wax the parts that you can’t see.

Step 6 – Stop When You’re Good With The Results 

  • The bikini area is one of the most sensitive areas on your body, which means removing the hair completely during a Brazilian wax may call for multiple sessions. You’ll find some hair is easier to wax than others – it’s all depending on how thick it is. If the area becomes inflamed, you need to stop and rest before continuing.
  • If there is any remaining hair after the Brazilian wax, use tweezers to get them out.

Step 7 – Washing The Skin and Applying Lotion

You may still have little wax left over – just use warm water and put on a little lotion to soothe the area. Keep in mind that it’s normal to experience redness after a Brazilian wax.


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