Beautify Your Eye Shape with the Right Eyeliner Style



Women shape their eyebrows to complement the shape of their face and to create a certain look that suits them. The same thing can be done with the right application of eyeliner. Do not go for a simple line or the latest trend in eye makeup when a different shape and style might be much more beautiful on you. Makeup fashion is not one size fits all! Read on to learn tips for each eye shape.


Almond-Shaped Eyes

Women with almond-shaped eyes can wear almost any style of eyeliner, but the most flattering for this shape balances it well. Keep the liner thin near the inner corners of the eye and add bulk to it as it goes toward the outer corners. Smudged liner works well on top and bottom to create a softer, smoky style.

Hooded Eyelids

Lower eyelids make it difficult to see delicate eyeliner application, so go bold! Increase the definition of your eye shape by creating a thick wing-shape at the top lid. Heavy mascara is excellent as well. The goal is to make your eyes really pop. Choosing the right liner is necessary as well. One designed not to smudge like Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner is right for you.

Eyes that Turn Down

If the outer corner of your eye turns down, turn it up again with eyeliner. A simple line or point going upwards from the corner will help your eyes look wider and more beautiful.

Eyes that Turn Up

If your eyes are basically almond shaped but turn up at the ends, it might mean that your lower lid is larger and creates a lack of balance. Use thin eyeliner on upper and lower lids, but then add more to the outer half of the lower lid and smudge it. This will camouflage the larger lid and bring balance to your face.
Large Rounded Eyes

Women with big, round eye shape may want to accentuate their width to avoid looking like a doll. Pick an eyeliner application style that makes the eye look longer, such as a cat’s eye shape. A liner like Maybelline Master Kajal can be smudged at the top and bottom lash line for a beautiful smoky look.
Smaller Size Eyes

Any woman with small-sized eyes probably wants to make them look bigger. The simple trick to transform your look is to apply a thin line of white or skin-toned eyeliner to the waterline both top and bottom. Then use another thin line of liner – but this time black, brown or your usual color – to both top and bottom. Smudge the liner outward a bit to increase the illusion of a large eye.



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