Who would have thought that knowing the shape of the finger, it is possible to predict your body type! Look at the picture and select the option that most closely resembles to your finger. Knowing your body type, you can lose weight very quickly and never think about excessive weight again!

Finger “A”

If your finger is shaped in the form that’s illustrated under the letter “A”, then you’re someone who probably somewhat hides their feelings. You act more confident and independent around the people who know you less for who you are. You are fair and do not like or tolerate liars. You can be emotional, however you’re more inclined towards kindness to others. Your life is filled with laughter and you have a big heart, even though on the outside you may appear hardheaded. You can also be somewhat eccentric from time to time.


The best solution for you is to choose the middle ground in everything, both in nutrition and in physical activity. Meals should be balanced and include the standard ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Physical exercises should also be executed at an average pace, alternating between heavy lifting  and cardio/aerobic excercises .

Finger “B”

If your finger is shaped in the form that’s illustrated under the letter “B”, then you’re not quite confident in your skin. You have difficulty communicating with other people, especially strangers. You easily fall in love and really care about the people that are important to you, devoting them all of you attention. Even if you are not very sociable, “leech” – is your middle name. Once you put your mind to something, you do it without fear of failure or of being hurt. If you go after something that you’re really fond of – you do it without fear of failure and not afraid of ending up hurt.


This type is probably the most dominant among the readers of my blog. Slow metabolism and fat deposits – are the main enemies against which you should direct your efforts. It is necessary to constantly maintain a good metabolism and devote time to physical activities on a daily basis. They should be sufficiently intense exercises. The number of repetitions here should prevail over the weight that you are handling during the excercising.

Finger “C”

If your finger is shaped in the form that’s illustrated under the letter “C”, then you are an angel of peace. You are emotional. You typically don’t think twice, and quite easily let go of the things that annoy you. When you are faced with injustice, people around you should be afraid of your serious reaction. Despite all of this, you are a very sensitive and delicate individual. You simply want to make the world around you a better place and so that everyone would be happy.


This body type rarely struggles with fighting off excessive weight. More precisely, he/she is struggling to keep it. For this individual, to gain a few kilos is like a miracle. However, very high metabolic rate doesn’t allow him to do so. For this body type, it’s necessary to eat filling food, but make sure not to overeat as the next meal won’t occur soon. Physical activity should be more focused on implementing heavier weights, rather than the intensity. It is necessary to have enough rest and pause after intense workouts.



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