Bologna Roses in Puffy Dough



These delicious and pretty snacks will brighten up any dinner table. They’re easy to make, and will satisfy almost anybody’s craving for some delicious snack. You can use these to  decorate your salad or add them to your breakfast coffee.
Bologna Roses

Pastry dough (1 pack)


1.    Defrost the dough at room temperature
2.    Cut into strips 2cm wide
3.    Cut bologna into thin slices and cut those in half.
4.    Lay the slices of bologna on top of dough strips so that they slightly overlap each other, leaving out the ends of the strips.

Bologna Roses
5.    Roll up the strips.

Bologna Roses
6.    Roll the ends down to create bottoms.

Bologna Roses
7.    Lay on cooking tray on a sheet of paper.

Bologna Roses
8.    Bake at the temperature specified on the packet your dough came in, for 15-20 minutes or until done.

Bologna Roses
It’s all ready!

Bon appetit!



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