Bounty Chocolate Recipe



This is a simple recipe for bounty chocolates. You can find plenty online, most of them containing butter, which has to be melted then turned solid again, while this one will only take 20 minutes. It’s easy, and with just 3 ingredients, you’ll get those delicious chocolates on your table!


2 bars of milk chocolates
3 cups of coconut flakes (preferably not sweetened)
1 cup of condensed milk with sugar

Bounty chocolate recipe
Bounty chocolate recipe


Mix condensed milk with coconut flakes.

Prepare a cooking tray to place inside a freezer with some plastic wrap.
Using your palm, separate and shape the coconut flake mix into rectangular pieces and place on the prepared cooking tray.

Place the tray in your freezer for 20 minutes, so the pieces are easier to cover in chocolate.

Melt the chocolate in a microwave while your filling is turning solid.

Dip the filling into chocolate using forks or spoons, then place back on the tray for the chocolate to turn solid.



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