Change the Look of Your Face with These 10 Eyebrow Tips



When somebody looks at your face for the first time, the first thing they notice is your eyes. Framing your eyes and giving life to your whole face are your eyebrows, which need to be groomed properly in order to give your face the right look. Strong, full eyebrows are currently in style, but this does not mean you want bushy caterpillars above your eyes. If you want a young and vibrant look to your entire face, you need to learn how to pluck your eyebrows properly. Consider the following 10 tips each time you pick up the tweezer. You will learn how to create the perfect eyebrow for your face and liven up your look every day.


1.    Learn your face shape and pick the eyebrows style that is right for you.

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2.    Determine what your natural eyebrow shape is.

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3.    Do not pluck too much or your eyebrows will look to thin.

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4.    Perfect proper plucking techniques.

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5.    Trim eyebrow hair to keep things neat and pretty.

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6.    Check each eyebrow for in spots and spaces.

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7.    Use the right eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows even and lush.

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8.    Sculpt your eyebrows in a particular direction.

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9.    Use the right tools to create the perfect, beautiful shape.

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10.    Fill in your eyebrows perfectly for a natural look.

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