How To Change The Shape Of The Lips With The Help of Make-up



Do you dream that your lips looked fuller and brighter and or the opposite – thinner? Our make-up tips will help you hide facial features that you consider non-flattering.

You want to make thin lips fuller

To start, prep your lips for make-up. They must be perfectly flat and smooth to make lipstick color brighter and more saturated. Easy peeling can make your lips ideal for this. Use a toothbrush to carefully massage delicate skin.

Apply a drop of foundation along the contour of the lips to align their curves. Finish with a very thin layer of powder.

Apply highlighter to the Cupid’s bow or line it with a bright pearl pencil.

Line the outer contour of the lips with a pencil in a shade that matches the natural color of the lips. Notice that you need to draw the line a little bit above the natural lip line.

Apply lipstick with a special brush and blend the color across the entire surface of the lips. Avoid matte textures, opt for a lipstick that contains the largest number of light-reflecting particles.

Apply a drop of gloss to the center of the lower lip.

You want to make full lips thinner

Perform a peeling of the lips before the make-up. To do this, massage your lips with a lip balm for a few minutes, then carefully remove it with a towel.

Apply light foundation to the contour of the lips. Add a thin layer of powder on top.

Circle the lips with a pencil of natural color. Liner line should be slightly lower than your natural lip line.

With a special flat brush apply lipstick and carefully blend it, without going over the pencil line. Choose a lipstick with a matte texture – so your lips won’t seem as full.

Apply a very thin layer of transparent powder to the center of the lips.



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