Using a simple facial exercise routine can amazingly improve the appearance of your face: you can get rid of forehead wrinkles, lift your eyelids, and get rid of nasolabial folds. Of course, you can’t completely transform your face, but you can very easily greatly improve your looks. At the very least, this is quite an effective and useful alternative to plastic surgery, such as lifts and botox injections. I personally always thought my cheeks were overly round and chubby, and wanted them to look different. Since I don’t have any other issues yet due to my age, I searched on the Internet for a bit and, after reading a bunch of different tips and info, I picked out a few exercises that don’t require too much effort or time.


There aren’t too many, I do them in the morning after I’m done with my skincare routine. It takes me about 5-7 minutes. I know it’s recommended to do it for at least 10-15 minutes, but I’m sticking to my own schedule that works for me.

Exercise 1: Tone your facial contours.

Improves facial contours by toning the majority of muscles on your face. Very effective against that ‘tired look’.
Take a deep breath, puff up your cheeks and spread the air evenly behind them. Clench your lips. Put your hands on your cheeks, so that your fingers are touching your ears. Apply pressure with your hands and resist the pressure with your cheeks.

Do it for 5-6 seconds, then relax your face. Repeat 5-10 times.

Exercise 2: ‘Tongue behind the cheek’

This one also improves your facial contours and is very easy to do:
Stand in front of the mirror and make an ‘O’ with your lips. Now clench your tongue to your cheek as hard as possible. Start moving your tongue behind the cheek, while clenching your cheek and tongue together as hard as possible.

Do around 20 movements on each cheek. That way you will work all of your cheek muscles. This exercise will also help you fight a saggy chin!

You can do this exercise almost anywhere, just make sure nobody sees you 😀

Exercise 3: The Ball

Imagine you have a balloon the size of a tennis ball in your mouth. Well… a little smaller. Pretend it’s behind one of your cheeks. Roll it to the other cheek through your upper lip, then roll it back through your lower lip. Keep doing the circle.

Exercise 4: Lower cheeks muscles lift

Those muscles that hold your gums to your cheeks. Insert your thumb in your mouth, place it between your cheek and gums and start stretching out your cheek from the inside. Resist the pressure by straining your cheek muscles. Repeat with right and left cheek.

Exercise 5: Make your face thinner

This exercise makes your face appear thinner, more tone, and gives a general lift
Open your mouth, roll your lips back inside your mouth, strain the muscles of your lips and cheeks. Place your hands on the sides of your face and slowly move them upwards, imagine your face lifting up. Do this until you feel weakness and burning in your facial muscles. Relax and blow some air through your lips.


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