Choose The Best Shape For Your Nails




The key to getting a beautiful manicure lies in your nail shape. The right nail shape will add elegance and sophistication to your hands. Find the right one for you!

1. Almond shape

Shape For Your Nails
Almond shape is very feminine, and makes your fingers visually thinner and more delicate. However, if you want long nails, almond shape isn’t the best pick.

2. Mountain peak shape

Shape For Your Nails
This one gains extra popularity from time to time, and women always line up to get it. However, it is not very practical in everyday life.

3. Square shape

Shape For Your Nails
This is ideal for average and longer nails. The only disadvantage is that your manicure will be slightly more high-maintenance.

4. Round shape

Shape For Your Nails
Round shape is quite universal. This type of nails looks good with any kind of nail polish. French manicure will make it look sophisticated, while red will make it chic. It’s a great pick if your nails are brittle and break easily.

5. Squarely round

Shape For Your Nails
If you like square shaped nails, but are used to round shape – this is your perfect pick. Simply create a square shape, then use nail grinder to smooth the edges and make them round. This is a good way to avoid peeling on the edges of your nails.

6. Oval shape

Shape For Your Nails
This one is a classic. It will make your nails beautiful, and less likely to get damaged.




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