How to Choose Mascara?



For wide-open eyes:
Choose mascara with a very small brush that could paint over every one of the lashes, including the bottom ones and those at the corners of the eyes. Mascara Le 2 de Guerlain by Guerlain.

For the false eyelashes effect:
Use mascara with a broad brush and silicone fibers: it will add color to the eyelashes, lengthen them and put them in the right direction. Mascara False Lash Papillon Intenza by L’oreal Paris.

For a doll-like volume:
Tapered mascara brush provides a perfect coloring of each eyelash even in the inner corners of the eyes. It’s enough to apply one coat to achieve the same amazing volume as Twiggy. Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara by Lancome.

For express make-up:
The shape of the brush in the form of a snowflake, where different bristles are of unequal length, arranged in a spiral, provides an excellent volume and length in a few movements. See also: Spring 2015: bright accents in make-up. Mascara Le Volume de Chanel by Chanel.

For the natural length and strength:
The bristles of varying lengths allow pulling each eyelash without gluing them together. And a formula with a recovering complex strengthens the lashes, further lengthening them naturally. Mascara Superextend Winged Out Mascara from Avon.

Choose Mascara

For a podium effect:
Mascara with a broad brush and long soft fibers covers the eyelashes with a dense layer, providing vivid color and super volume. Apply not one, but two or three layers, if you want your lashes to be visible from afar. Mascara Starlette from L’Etoile.

For the length and twisting:
Round brushes allow us to make the eyelashes really long, they tighten them up and divide them, and mascara with three balls can accelerate the process, but first you have to get used to its unusual shape. Mascara Noir Couture 01 by Givenchy.

For a perfect bending:
Brush-fan with long bristles will color, divide and give a spectacular volume to your lashes. Mascara Lash Sensational from Maybelline New York.

And a couple of important tips:
To prevent spreading the germs, use mascara no longer than 3-4 months. A really good mascara won’t crumble, won’t smear, and won’t stick the lashes. If you press the brush mascara against the palm, a quality product will leave a uniform line without lumps.

Professional secret:
During mascara application you often pay attention only to the tips of the lashes, not the roots. Seemingly a minor flaw, but because of this your eye color seems blurred and eyelashes rare. Therefore, learn to hold the brush as close to the lash line and consider that excess mascara on the ends of the lashes makes them look heavier.



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