How to choose nail polish? 7 useful tips on nail polish selection



Today, every well-known manufacturer of polishes and gel nail polishes has a wide color palette at their disposal. How to determine which shade will look better? How not to get lost in a variety of colors?

Tip 1. Let the color of your skin guide you! It’s not relevant to select nail polish color in accordance with the main color of your clothing. Exactly the same as it’s not relevant to use the same color for a manicure and pedicure. Keep these rules in the past.

First, understand what your skin tone is. If your skin has golden, olive or yellowish tone, choose warm colors. If your skin has a pinkish or bluish tone, then pay attention to cold colors.

The following colors will suit the skin with warm tones: carrot, brick, coral, chestnut, rowan, and terracotta.

The following nail polish colors are recommended for skin with cold tones: purple, juicy red, fuchsia, and cherry.

If the skin has a pinkish tone, then choose pink and purple shades. Those who have pale skin can also look for such a palette and also a burgundy color.

Those who have dark skin are the happiest, any nail polish color will fit them, from light pastels to rich dark.

Tip 2. Keep in mind that some colors may make skin visually old. Such colors may be some shades of beige.

Tip 3. Pick a nail polish color in accordance with an accessory that you wear often and love, for example, a bag, jewelry or eyeglass frame.

Tip 4. Create a harmonious look, pick the color of nail polish to fit separate items of clothing: edging of a jacket, the color of buttons or collar.

Tip 5. You will always look good if your make-up and manicure complements each other in tone. Bright makeup – bright lacquer.

Tip 6. Don’t forget about a fashion trend – nude. The main thing is to choose the right shade – cold or warm.

Tip 7. Remember that skin tone changes over time, the skin tans or pales. Therefore, we recommend changing your palette of nail polishes periodically.

Undoubtedly, the choice of nail polish color should be based on personal preference, taste and style.



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