How to Choose a Shade of Metallic Shadow



Shadows in metallic colors: The perfect solution for winter

Shade of Metallic Shadow

1) Copper: This color is perfect for dark or tanned skin. It is bright enough to emphasize the eyes, and “warm” enough to make the skin glow. In the afternoon you can apply this color to the cheeks in a very thin layer, and use it in the evening to create fascinating, metallic smoky eyes.

2) Gold: Golden shadows are very dangerous: they can create a luxurious and glamorous look as well as a vulgar and aged image. The secret of successful gold make up is using the right color combination. Golden shades are better to emphasize a warm peach shade. To create an evening look, select shadows with a creamy texture that give a more saturated color.

3) Bright Silver: Bright silver shades look great on dark skin, and they can be worn both day and night. To create a more neutral makeup, silver eye liner can be used.

4) Pink Metallic: If you have not yet learned how to do makeup in metallic tones, choose a more neutral and versatile color such as pink with a metallic sheen. This color gives even the most tired person a tender and fresh look.

5) Dark Silver: Such a dramatic, dark silver color looks great on pale skin.  Using all shades of silver with black eyeliner provides a spectacular evening look.



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