Colorful Tie-Dye Style for Painted Nails



Do you want a colorful nail art design that is easy to make and tons of fun? Try out this tie-dye style nail art look. It looks more complicated than it really is, and the end result will have all your friends wanting the look for themselves as well. Whether you want to splash some color in your everyday life or be the talk of a summertime party, this nail art design is for you.

Materials Needed:
•    White nail polish
•    Hot pink nail polish
•    Electric blue nail polish
•    Bright green nail polish
•    Sunny orange nail polish
•    Sewing needle

Colorful Tie-Dye Style

1.    Start with a base of white nail polish to cover all your nails. Allow this to dry completely before continuing. Afterwards, work on one nail at a time until you are done with all.
2.    Paint each nail with diagonal stripes of the other bright colors, using any color combination that you like best. Of course you can use different colors too!
3.    Drag the needle across the stripes of wet nail polish from the base to the tip of the nail to create a line. Make four or five lines that radiate out from the finger. You can make straight lines or gently wiggle them back and forth. Have fun and decide what look you like the best.
4.    Repeat the process for each nail and then allow them to dry completely. It is important to work on one nail at a time so the stripes of colored polish do not dry before you get to make the needle lines on them.



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