Common Mistakes When Applying Makeup



1. A wrong shade of foundation.

Choosing the color of your foundation, apply it to the skin and if possible go out to the daylight, this will help not to make a fatal mistake. BB creams, which appeared today, are a great alternative to foundation, they blend with skin and have a beneficial effect on it due to the content of natural ingredients. For example, Korean manufacturers almost always have only one shade of BB cream for different skin types, so it’s impossible to make a mistake.

2. Applying foundation to a scruffy skin.

Even a very expensive foundation or base will look disgusting on a scruffy skin with peeling, redness and pimples. Use correct cosmetic products suitable for your skin type and be sure to moisturize even a very oily skin. The same is true for lipstick – you have to occasionally exfoliate lips to distribute it evenly: take a pinch of sugar with honey and massage the lips, then apply a lip balm.

3. Over-plucked eyebrows.

You need a happy medium everywhere. Eyebrow-strings, as well as “Brezhnev” eyebrows are no longer in vogue. Note that if you overdo it with plucking the hairs will stop growing at all in the future and then you’ll have to resort to permanent makeup. Simply choose a natural brow shape that suits your face.

4. Inaccurately applied mascara.

There is nothing more terrible than so-called eyelash-spiders, which can be seen from kilometers away. Don’t forget that mascara, like any other makeup product, needs to be periodically thrown out. Part with mascara if you’ve been using it for more than six months or if the brush began to lose its form without regret.

5. The lip liner is darker than the lipstick itself.

The liner should be darker than the lipstick up to a semitone! If in doubt, ask the consultant to show pastel colors when buying a pencil – pale pink or peach. By the way, some people use pencil correctors instead of contour pencils to keep the lipstick or gloss within “the bounds of decency.”

By following these simple rules, you will always look stylish and harmonious.



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