How to Contour a Face



Each woman is individual: one has a thin nose, but a broad forehead, and another has no well-defined cheekbones, but has plump lips. How can you hide minor flaws and emphasize the advantages of using make-up? Just see this technique of face contouring!


How to Contour a Face

Image Source: maryammaquillage

1. Even the complexion with tone cream. With a wide, flat brush, apply a creamy concealer on the area under the eyes and on the cheeks.

2. Illuminate using a highlighter in the middle of the forehead and the top of the nose.

3. Work through the T-zone and chin and “Cupid’s bow” (the dimple on the upper lip).

4. Now it’s time for the bronzer. Apply it under the cheekbones using a beveled brush.

5. Bronze the zone along the forehead and hairline.

6. Make the nose narrower with the help of two longitudinal stripes on both sides.

7. Carefully work through the jaw line and chin.

8. Blend clear lines using a cosmetic sponge.

9. Using a fan-shaped brush, add a little blush on the “apples” of the cheeks.



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