How to Cover Up Acne and Redness



These simple rules of coverage will help you maintain a flawless look and, therefore, your confidence.

Learn how to make your imperfections visually disappear!

Rule 1: Choose a non-greasy product that has anti-inflammatory ingredients.
Rule 2: Don’t use foundation or powder that is too dark or has a pink undertone. This can make your pimples even more noticeable. A shade barely lighter than your natural skin tone is the ideal choice.
Rule 3: Get a green base corrector. This is the only thing that can properly conceal breakouts.

Cover Up Acne and Redness
1.    Before putting on makeup, apply a disinfecting toner to problem areas, then a thin layer of moisturizing lotion or treatment for oily skin.

Cover Up Acne and Redness
2.    Apply green base corrector to your pimples. Wait 1-2 minutes.
3.    Apply foundation. Pat your fingers when applying it to problem areas for better coverage.

Cover Up Acne and Redness
4.    Compressed or loose powder will help you even out skin tone. Always use a brush to apply.

Cover Up Acne and Redness


Until your skin is healthy, steer clear of blush.
When choosing eye and lip makeup, consider colors that can help draw attention away from imperfections. Makeup artists recommend to emphasize eyes, but without any bright colors. Use warm shades of lipstick. Cold shades will make redness and inflammation stand out even more.




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