Craft a Pretty Flower Crochet Blanket



Do you love to crochet and create pretty blankets for your bed or as gifts? While this flower design is not simple, the end result is simply glorious and super-soft. This would make a wonderful baby shower gift or a present for a girl’s birthday. For the most special of occasions, a hand-crafted gift is always appreciated. The care you take in crafting this blanket will make it extra special.

Pretty Flower Crochet Blanket
Image Source: mamachee, etsy

This style of blanket can be easily made in any size. You just need to make more flowers and add them on. Any types of color combinations can also be used. You can make a scattered pattern as is shown in the picture or even make stripes different colored flowers. Consider soft shades of pink and peach for a baby girl or bright rainbow colors for your grandmother.

Image Source: etsy

The pattern is adaptable depending on the type of yarn you use. Select thinner crochet thread and you can make a tablecloth. Find the free pattern at Molly Flowers: The Flower Pattern.



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