Create Your “Complete” Look: How To Do Your Makeup With Pencils



When it comes to makeup, women often go straight to the eyeshadows to give their eyes some pizzazz.  However, there’s another option – makeup with pencils.  Yes, a pencil will provide you with the makeup look you want, and decrease the costs of your overall makeup kit. After all, there’s no need for so many eyeshadow colors in your bag.

That’s right! Makeup with pencils ensures you still get the shadowy touch you’re looking for. Perhaps you own a plethora of makeup products, and always have to dig through your makeup bag to find the shade you want.  Or, maybe you realized that you forgot to “ready your face” because you were in a hurry.  Perhaps all you have with you is a pencil and mascara. Don’t worry. You can use the pencil to produce the eyeshadow look.

Getting The Look You Want: What Do You Need To Bring Out Your Eyes

•    1 pencil – any color of your choice. Be sure it has a blending brush on one side. And, if you’ve got a separate blending brush, that’s fine too.

•    Other makeup products (blush, mascara, lipstick, gloss, etc.)

How To Correctly Use Pencils To Get Your Makeup Look

•    Use the pencil to create three short parallel lines

Makeup With Pencils

•    In the other direction, draw three more short parallel lines – you want to overlap the other lines until you get a web-like pattern.

Makeup With Pencils

•    Use the pencil to line the upper lash line

•    Use the blending brush to blend these lines together to get the shadowy effect

Makeup With Pencils

•    Use the mascara to make your eyes pop.

•    Use the remainder of your makeup kit to finish out your look (lipsticks, blush, etc.)

Makeup With Pencils

You may think that getting makeup with pencils is impossible. However, with a little know-how, you can easily create the makeup look with a single pencil.



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