Create a Magnificent and Beautiful Braided Bun



All eyes will turn your way when you walk into a room sporting this magnificent and beautiful braided bun hairstyle. Whenever you wish to look your most elegant and romantic, take the time to put your hair up in this way. It does not matter what color your hair is, but it needs to be medium length to long length. You might need a friend to help you create this hairstyle, but it will be worth the time and effort.

Materials Needed:

•    Elastic hairbands
•    Bobby pins


1.    Wash your hair and condition it as normal. This hairstyle works best on clean, slightly damp hair.

2.    Separate all of your hair into sections as shown in the pictures. Gather the hair from the crown of your head into a high ponytail.

Beautiful Braided Bun

3.    Divide this ponytail into two sections and braid each one. Secure the end of each braid with an elastic hairband.

4.    Gently pull the loops of the braid to loosen and soften the look.

Beautiful Braided Bun

5.    Use bobby pins to attach each braid in a crown around the top of your head as seen in the images.

6.    Braid the section of hair at the back of your neck and pin it in place along the backside of this elegant bun.

Beautiful Braided Bun

7.    Part the front sections of hair in the middle or to either side depending on what looks best with the shape of your face.

8.    Roll and twist the thicker section and pin it back to the crown of the braids already in place. Repeat the process with the smaller front section of hair.