Create a Unique Sew-it-Up Bun Hairstyle



There are so many different ways of making unique bun hairstyles, but we thought we had seen them all until we came across this creative technique. Instead of using elastic hairbands and bobby pins, this hairdo for women with medium or long hair involves actually sewing with needle and thread. Women with exceptionally long or heavy hair may find it difficult to contain their locks with thread. While sewing up your hair may seem like a more complicated way of making a unique hairstyle, it does add considerable control and a truly interesting way of exploring new looks. This sew-it-up bun hairstyle is best completed with a friend as a can be quite difficult to stitch the hair together at the back of your head.

Materials Needed:

•    Sturdy thread
•    A big needle, preferably plastic
•    Scissors (Not for your hair.)


Sew-it-Up Bun Hairstyle

1.    Thread the needle with a long piece of sturdy thread.
2.    Comb your hair so there are no knots and gather it together at the back of your head as if you are going to make a basic ponytail.
3.    Push the needle through the bottom part of your hair and draw it together to make a knot as shown in the pictures.
4.    Insert the needle again in the same way higher up on the back of the head. Make the same stitch to contain the next section of hair.
5.    Fold the ponytail section of the hair over in a loop and stitch the bottom part of it to the sewn hair you made in the previous steps. Use pictures seven and eight for a more precise look at the process.
6.    Give the loop of hair a gentle twist to make it look more unique.
7.    Snip off any excess thread that is visible. Later on, when you remove this hairstyle, be very careful to only cut the threads and not your hair.



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