Create a Unique Throw Rug with Old T-Shirts



Wait a minute before you throw out those old T-shirts that you do not want to wear anymore. Most people have plenty of T-shirts – more than they could ever wear – but do not want to just get rid of them. Now there is a great option to reuse old T-shirts in this unique crochet project for a fun and very soft throw rug.

No expert crochet skills are needed and these projects can be completed quickly. With only a couple of hours of work, you can transform your old T-shirts into a great rug for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else you need a soft and warm layer underfoot.

Materials Needed:

•    Approximately 10 to 15 old T-shirts
•    A large, sharp scissors
•    A large crochet hook


Old T-shirts Ideas

1.    Be sure the T-shirts are all clean before you begin this project.
2.    Cut a 1 inch wide strip starting at the base of the T-shirts working around in a spiral until you have used up all the fabric.
3.    Follow the instructive pictures to connect one end of the T-shirt yarn to the next strip. Make sure you connect the strips in the order you want to the different colors.
4.    Begin this simple crochet stitch in a circle or oblong pattern depending upon what shape you want to the finished rug. Finish the rug by nodding and weaving in the last ends of the T-shirt yarn.



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