Crochet an Adorable Cabbage Patch Kid Hat


Cabbage Patch Kids are arguably the most adorable dolls on the market these days, but they cannot compare to the sweet beauty of your baby girl.  Why not combine the cuteness of each by crafting this unique and adorable Cabbage Patch Kids hat complete with curly fringe and ribboned pigtails.


Materials and Tools Needed:

•    Yarn in a natural hair color
•    6 mm crochet hook
•    Narrow ribbon in your choice of prints or colors
•    Scissors
•    Safety pins

This project does require some basic knowledge of crocheting.  The first step is to crochet a simple beanie hat that fits your daughter’s head.  Next, create the looped bangs by stitching three rows of yarn around the entire bottom row of the beanie hat.

Each pigtail is created separately and only attached to the hat at the end.  There are several options for hairstyle.  To make ponytails as shown in the picture above, simply take a substantial hank of yarn, folded in half and tie several shorter lengths of yarn around it to give the desired look.  You might also like to make pigtails or braids.  Begin with several longer pieces of yarn, fold them in half and tie them together before braiding them neatly.  Secure the bottom with a shorter piece of yarn.

Carefully and make sure the pony or pigtails are positioned at the same spot on either side of the hat and a stitch them on securely with some yarn.  Add pretty bows of narrow ribbon at the tops or bottoms of each pigtail.


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