How To Determine Your Character By Your Lipstick Slanting



Every girl has her own unique way of applying lipstick. Turns out, our personality has a lot to do with how we choose to use lipstick!

Lipstick Slanting

Determine which one is you out of the following 8 types:

1. If your lipstick slanting remains sharp for a while, it signifies that you’re practical, confident, but slightly conservative. You always know what you want, what you lack, and you don’t tend to concern yourself with small, unimportant details.


2. The top of your lipstick has an even, round shape. You are goal-oriented, cold-blooded, and know how to stick up for yourself. You like to be thorough and plan everything in advance. Your success comes from your hard work and attention to detail. The only thing you lack is a good sense of humor.


3. Your lipstick slanting is shapeless. People like you are often unstable and easily startled. The smallest things may throw you off and make you worried, but you hide it well by appearing confident and energetic. You often have a hard time trusting people. You like evening walks, pretty things, and have a weakness for romance movies and novels.



4. The edge of your lipstick is sharp, like a pencil. This is often a sign of narcissism and egoistic behavior. You’re arrogant and have a condescending attitude towards the opinions of others. You don’t get along well with people, but you consider yourself a perfect mate.


5. Your lipstick has a completely flat top. You’re an optimist, to you, sadness and despair are alien concepts. You’re straightforward, easy-going, and social, which makes it easy for you to interact and relate to others. You don’t worry about small things too much. However, your straightforwardness can often be hurtful to others.


6. Diamond shape. This is very rare and unique, just like your personality. You’re very impulsive and sensitive, you are easily excited and easily devastated, and are full of contradictions. You’re usually very fun, making you the center of attention in any group or gathering. However, you’re not always consistent and reliable, and can make people feel let down.


7. Your lipstick is rubbed off on one side. You have a great imagination, you’re all about business, responsible, and are able to easily and elegantly express your thoughts. You’re perceptive but not always practical, and loyal to others, even when they’re not on their best behavior. You don’t like to complain, and your friends know they always have your back.



8. Cone-shaped lipstick. You have a calm temper and a fun personality, and you are quite happy with your life. Your gut is never wrong when it comes to other people. The only major flaw you have is being envious of others’ success.




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