Different Eyebrow Shapes Change Your Face



How you shape your eyebrows can make a large difference on the overall look of your face. They can even convey emotion, perhaps one you did not intend, to people you come in contact with. Different eyebrow shapes can affect the appearance of your nose and make it look wide or narrow, large or small. Likewise, your smile can be affected.

Different Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrow hair goes very quickly, which gives women the chance to experiment a bit with a different looks and shapes to see what works best with their faces.

It is important to be careful, however, because messed up eyebrows can give you a very bad or ridiculous look. If you are not skilled with eyebrow shaping, it is better to go to a professional stylist. Take a look at the pictures below to get a clear idea about how different shaped eyebrows can change your look.

For a more sensitive look, thin eyebrows may work, and if you want to look younger, consider thicker eyebrows. In the comment box, let us know which one you think works best for this model and you.



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